Ubuntu Power Users: taking Ubuntu further

Although Ubuntu continues to adapt itself towards being user-friendly, the needs of the “advanced” user are not being forgotten.

Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon cle','jonobacon.org']);" target="_blank">proposed a rather neat idea: the creation of an Ubuntu Power Users community. Here ‘…the needs of folks who love to tweak, tune, customize, hot-rod and otherwise amp up their desktops’ would be catered for.

And that idea has received a huge welcome.

Kitchen sink

One idea that Jono Bacon is particularly effusive about is the creation of an ‘Ubuntu Kitchen Sink’-style application.

An extensible amalgamation of Confity, Ubuntu Tweak, YeoWorks, gconf, etc, the idea is to create a single unified application where access to ‘power user’ options for Unity, GNOME, etc. reside.

“Given that the focus is on Power Users, anything and everything should be able to be exposed as an option; there should be no concern for confusing the user with too many options – the goal here would be completeness…check-box heaven if you will…a haven for click-happy config junkies.”

Join the discussion

Like the idea? Want in? There are various ways to get involved.

Your first port of call is the new mailing list. This already has over 100 subscribers according to Jono!

Find it @ lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-power-users

An IRC channel is also available. Point your client of choice to #ubuntu-power-users on irc.freenode.net.

Finally there is a wiki page that contains further information.

It’s early days for the project, but it promises to bear some immensely juicy fruit.

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