Create Round Image Corners Generator

Here is a great tool for giving all your pictures beautifully rounded corners. It's simple to use and can save you a whole bunch of time. While most web designers use photoshop to achieve this very special effect, now it possible to accomplish in just a few seconds.

How to Use:
All you have to do is give the URL or upload your image below (in either JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP file type). RoundPic will do the work for you and let you choose which corners to round, the round size, the quality of the rounded image, background color for rounded corners, and even if you want it exported as a transparent PNG image.
Be Patient... it may take a few seconds to process the image.

or URL:


$25,000 Giveaway - Or Get a Free Blog Template

The newly launched ThemeForest is offering an amazing deal to 2,500 people. The First 2,500 to join and comment will win $10 and one of the 2,500 will win 25,000 dollars. So if you join fast, you'll receive $10, which you can transfer to your paypal account or which you can use to buy yourself a template.

ThemeForest is a newly launched website which offers all kinds of templates, such as Blogger Templates, Wordpress themes, HTML Templates, Flash sites and so on. If you're not interested in buying a template you can always design one and earn money buy selling it on their site.
How to Join the Contest?
  1. First you will need to sign up with ThemeForest, which should only take a moment.
  2. Next, visit the post over at PsdTuts, where they have a link to the short and sweet form you need to complete. PsdTuts is one of ThemeForest's many affiliates.
  3. Wait for a reply email, which will tell you when your money has been deposited.


15 Beautiful Google PageRank Display Button Widgets

PageRanking of a website is a very important factor when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, and most importantly, trustability. So these handy little widgets will help build a great reputation for your website by openly sharing your PageRank with your readers.
  • The widgets display the PageRank of the current page being viewed.
  • You're bound to find at least one that matches your website, of the selection below.
How to Implement the Widgets?
Simply click the "add to blogger" button if you're blog is powered by google blogger. If not, copy and paste the code into your webpage. Simply click on the code and it will highlight automatically. Make sure the code is placed between the two body tags of your template. If you have any questions regarding installation, please feel free to comment below!


SocialOomph / TweetLater Provides Great Automated Twitter Tools

Social Oomph is a great Twitter Service which automates some of the dull parts of managing your Twitter Account. Such as filtering spam, scheduling tweets, shortening URLs and more. This twitter widget is extremely useful!
Here are some of the free features on Social Oomph.

Schedule tweets — Plan, set & forget
Schedule tweets and keep your Twitter stream ticking over with new tweets even when you're not in front of your computer. Publish tweets when your international followers are online and you're asleep.

Bulk upload & schedule tweets — Save time
If you have many tweets to schedule, prepare them offline, put them in a simple text file, and upload them in bulk. Save time by not having to enter and schedule them by hand in the system.

Track keywords on Twitter — Empower yourself
Set up alerts and track keywords in the public Twitter stream. SocialOomph will monitor the Twitter tweet stream and periodically email you a digest of the tweets that contain those keywords. You can also use this to track your @replies.

Save and reuse drafts — Save hours of typing
Save draft tweets, frequently used text snippets and URLs and reuse them in your scheduled tweets. Save tons of time by avoiding repetitive typing.

Send welcome DMs to new followers — Automate
Send a nice non-promotional DM to new followers that focus on them and your future interaction with them, or simply to thank them for choosing to follow you.

Bit.ly URL shortening — Track those clicks
Add your bit.ly URL shortening account details to your SocialOomph profile, and they will shorten your links with it so that you can track the clicks on all your links.

Follow those who follow you — Automate
Automatically follow people who follow you and save a ton of time while your Friends list builds itself.

Unfollow those who unfollow you — Automate
Automatically unfollow someone when they unfollow you if that is how you prefer to manage your Friends list.

Vet new followers — Semi-automation
Even though you've selected to auto follow new followers, SocialOomph will interrupt the process for 72 hours and give you an opportunity to manually review new followers and decide if you want to follow, ignore, or block each new follower.

Purge your DM Inbox — Keep it tidy
You will probably agree that it's a bit of a pain to manually delete DMs from your Inbox, especially since they accumulate so quickly. You can run a purge on your Inbox to delete everything, or DMs older than 7 days, or DMs older than 30 days.

Personal status feed — Your own tweet engine
Grab your own personal 140-character tweet scheduling engine and RSS feed. You can schedule and publish tweets that don't go to Twitter, they go to your personal tweet stream, which is available in RSS, XML and Javascript formats.

Unlimited Twitter accounts — No charge
Add and manage as many Twitter accounts as you want. SocialOomph will not charge you a dime.

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Blogger Tag Cloud Widget by Categories / Labels


Blogger Templates and WordPress Themes by ThemeForest

ThemeForest offers professional blog templates and themes at affordable prices. If you can't afford to hire that expensive designer then ThemeForest is the right place for you. They offer wonderfully designed WordPress Themes and Blogger Templates which will help make your blog stand out from the rest of the crowd.

More about ThemeForest
ThemeForest has a growing collection of hundreds of nicely designed templates. The prices range from about $10 to $35. In most cases the wordpress themes are a little more expensive and nicer looking than the templates for blogger.

My Favorite Blogger Templates

Red and White
An awakening template featuring two nice sidebars.

This template should make you and your readers feel as if you were underground.

Buy Themes Template
This would work great for a design blog or even a photo blog.

My Favorite WP Themes

Business Professional Package
Excellent template which will give you blog the professional and clean look.

Convergence Community
Convergence is a nicely put together WordPress theme with the intent and focus on creating a community site.

Manage your portfolio and blog posts easily with this mash-up Wordpress theme.


Tip Jar Widget for Blogs makes Money

ScratchBack is a friendly online "tipping system" for bloggers who desire to make a buck from their sidebar. It's a great alternative to a "Paypal Donation" button, because your potential sponsors will be tempted by a worthwhile reward. This reward is a nice fat link back to their site which no blogger can resist.

How it Works:
First you will need to sign up and install their widget code on your site. Once you've implemented the code into your blog you should be able to see a nicely sized widget in your sidebar. This should only take a matter of minutes to get your self up and running. Their system allows you to accept tips from advertisers and in return they will receive image or text links on your site.

Payout Rate:
The current commission structure has been switched from 50% to 90% for the publisher. This is an outrageously wonderful ratio! So you'll make 9 out of every 10 dollars sold on your site (payments made via PayPal).

You might run in to problems when it comes to blending the widget in with your blog. Other than that, they allow you to choose from multiple themes, and some of which are pretty good looking. And the rest of the designs have a bit of a junky look to them, so don't get too excited...

My Experience with ScratchBack:
To be honest, I have only used it on WidgetsForFree™ for one day and I made only 2 dollars. So I will have to rely on my readers to give us some honest feedback on the longer term use of Scratchback. Although, I might give it a shot once the widget is fully customizable and is capable of matching my blog design.
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Hide Show DIV Content with Links by using Javascript

The Hide and Show DIV elements for HTML content is a great way to clean up your sidebar. It becomes especially handy for those long blogroll lists or anything that clutters up the blog. Just simply click a link to make all the hidden content magically appear and disappear.

+/- Click Here to Expand and Collapse

How to use it in Your Blog
Step 1: Adding CSS and Javascript
First, add this code below directly above the </head> tag.
<style type="text/css">
.commenthidden {display:none}
.commentshown {display:inline}
<script type="text/Javascript">
function togglecomments (postid) {
var whichpost = document.getElementById(postid);
if (whichpost.className=="commentshown") { whichpost.className="commenthidden"; } else { whichpost.className="commentshown"; }
} </script>

Step 2: Adding the Active Content to be Displayed
Place this code wherever you would like it to appear. Make sure to change the red text to a name that is "unique" to any other name in your template. An example might be "blogroll-dropdown". If you do not give each Hide Show DIV element a unique name the script cannot be used more than once on the same page. The green text is the title of the link that you click on to make the content appear. Replace the code "Expanded Content" with the content you wish to have expand and collapse.
<a aiotitle="click to expand" href="javascript:togglecomments('UniqueName')"
>Link Title</a><br />
<div class="commenthidden" id="UniqueName"
>Expanded Content</div>

Step 3: Sample Code
Here is what my code looks like for the demo above:
<a aiotitle="" href="javascript:togglecomments('hideshowdemo')">+/- Click Here to Expand and Collapse</a>
<div class="commenthidden" id="hideshowdemo"><ul><li><a href="http://howhero.com/">HowHero Tutorials</a></li><li><a href="http://widgetsforfree.blogspot.com/2008/09/translate-blog-widget-using-flags.html">Blog Translation Plugin</a></li><li><a href="http://widgetsforfree.blogspot.com/2008/09/make-money-blog-widget-performancing.html">Make Money Widget</a></li></ul>


Recent Posts Widget for Blogger with Thumbnails, Summaries, Comments, etc

Display beautifully crafted links to Recent Posts on your blog with this widget. You can easily customize whether or not you would like to display thumbnails, post summaries, and the number of comments for each post along side the titles.

Features and Customization:
  1. The Recent Post Titles
  2. Display Post Thumbnails
  3. Choose which blog posts to display (choose URL).
  4. Display Post Summaries
  5. Length of Summaries
  6. Display Post Date
  7. Display Number of Comments on each post
  8. Display Read More Link
  9. Display separator between posts
  10. Number of Posts do Display
  11. Determine height
Install the Recent Post Widget on Your Blog:
This widget is very simple to install. Just simply click the button below to choose which blog you would like to implement it on.
add to blogger

Many thanks to Blogger Plugins!


How to Change the Favicon in Blogger

Blogger supplies every blog with the standard orange "B" blogger favicon. Having your own unique favicon is a great way to give your blogger template both a distinct and explicit brand. These small 16X16 pixel images will most definitely help your blog stand out from the rest of the blogspot blogs.

What is a Favicon?
A favicon is a small 16X16 image located at the top of your browser in the url bar.

How to Change your Favicon
  1. First go to Layout >Edit HTML in your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Backup your existing template before making any changes!
  3. Place the code below directly below the </head> tag in your template.
  4. <link href='http://bsaves.com/HowHero/Blogger%20Templates/moonspot/images/favicon.ico' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/vnd.microsoft.icon' /> <link href='http://bsaves.com/HowHero/Blogger%20Templates/moonspot/images/favicon.ico' rel='icon'/>
  5. Now save your template.
  6. Once your template is saved view your blog and make sure to refresh the page and delete your cookies.
Creating your own Favicon
  1. Replace the image URL (2X) with your own 16 pixel by 16 pixel image hosted on the internet.
  2. http://bsaves.com/HowHero/Blogger%20Templates/moonspot/images/favicon.ico
  3. You can host your own favicon blogger image at sites such as ImageShack; PhotoBucket; Flickr; etc.
  4. Check out this Favicon Generator Tool which allows you to upload an image and it will format it for you!


Change the Title Tags in Blogger for More Search Engine Traffic

By default Blogger displays the blog title first, followed by the name of the post. As you might notice this is not good when it comes to SEO. It's important for the name of the post to come before the name of your blog, especially when it comes to google search results. Learn how to make your post title show up first so that you can reel in more traffic from the search engines.

Why Change the Titles?
It's quite important to have the Post Title + Blog Title arranged accordingly because this is how you would want your blog to be displayed on google's search results. This way more people will click on your link when searching google because the post title is more relevant than your post name.
Example Google Search Results:
You are most likely to click on the bottom image when searching google for the keywords "image reflection generator". The reason being is that your mind reads text from left to right. So it makes sense to have the more important title on the left.

How to Change the Titles:
  1. Go to Layout>edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Search for this tag: <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>
  3. Replace this tag with the following code:
  4. <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>
  5. Save your template and you should see the results in your web browser as depicted in the images below.
  6. It may take a few days for the changes to show up on the google search results. I guarantee you that you will start receiving more traffic from google once you are re-indexed!


Best Blog Hosting with HostGator

HostGator allows you to host unlimited blogs and websites for only $7.95 a month. And on top of that you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited diskSpace. So why not start a new blog with your own custom domain where you'll gain more respect and backlinks in the blogosphere?

HostGator is among the top 5 Web Hosting and Blog Hosting Companies in the world and is currently serving over 2,200,000 websites.

My Experience with HostGator

I've been using HostGator for about 7 months now and I absolutely love it! The main reason being is that I can create as many websites and blogs as I wish for the same price of $7.95 every month. That's why I recommend getting the "Baby" plan because you can host unlimted domains with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Hostgator Plans

Name Platform Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domains
Hatchling Linux $4.95 Unlimited Unlimited 1
Baby Linux $7.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Business Linux $12.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Free Coupons for HostGator Blog Hosting!

Right now they are running a coupon which offers a 20% discount on the initial order. Those of you who opt for the yearly billing the coupon code is BEACH. And if you prefer monthly billing your code is hgc25. This code makes the first month bill only $0.01

Great Online Support All the Time

Hostgator offers great online support and they always have someone ready to talk to you if you need help. Just send them an email or give them a call if you need help setting up your blogspot blog or wordpress blog.

User Submitted Reviews:

Hostgator Review By: Michael, London
Site Hosted:http://michaelwillow.com/ IP Address:
It is a good host
I think it is a good host. Comparing with all the other hosts I tried this is the best. Their support is good. Once I messed up my php code and they fixed it, despite that this is not their job. Sometimes they don't give me a clear answer or they confuse me but I think that has to do with the person who is behind the pc as an individual, not with the whole company. In overall the positives are much more than the negatives. It is a trustful company and I recommend it.
Review Added on: 2009-08-11

Hostgator Review By: Xavier Fernandez, London
Site Hosted:http://password-eu.net IP Address:
Great Customer Support
I have used Hostgator for about 3 years now.
The very few times I had to get in touch with them - mainly because I was moving sites from one host to another - they were very helpful. So thumbs up for customer support.
New features are implemented to the Control Panel all the time to keep users updated to the latest option in webhosting.
I think is very good value for money.
Review Added on: 2009-07-22

Hostgator Review By: mrs. bong, indonesia
Site Hosted:http://www.selphiebong.com IP Address: unknown
the best web hosting
Its been 2 years I've been using hostgator, and this is the best web hosting ever.
I've no of websites and I only satisfied with hostgator service, ever. They have the best support too. I just upgraded my plan to business, and continue it for another 3 years. Kudos.
Review Added on: 2009-06-17

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Mongolian Keyboard Layouts driver

QWERY Mongolian Cyrillic Keyboard Layouts driver.

It includes very useful charset converters created by Badaa. (http://www.badral.net/)
Download latest version 15:

About 500 unicode Mongolian fonts

Unicode Mongolian fonts.

Windows installers:
Light version (about 180 fonts): Unicode_Mongolian_Fonts_light.exe
Full version (about 500 fonts): Unicode_Mongolian_Fonts_full.exe

(If have old version of windows installer. Please use new version. It can replace old fonts.)

zip download:
Unicode_Mongolian_fonts_full_part1.zip (light version which included about 180 fonts)
Unicode_Mongolian_fonts_full_part2.zip (full version which included about 360 fonts)

Thank you for contributing Aremys, asuu (Alog), Kronix and other friends. :)

If it's installed correctly then this texts appear beautifully:

Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар
Монгол баавар