Desktop YouTube app ‘Minitube’ sees bug fix release

Minitube – the impressive HD-capable and Adobe Flash-free desktop YouTube player for Windows, Mac and Linux – has seen a new ‘bug fix’ release this morning.

Fixes present in the 1.4.3 release include: -
  • Toolbar and playlist now hide when in fullscreen
  • Status bar volume level no longer displayed in decibels
  • Search box no longer disabled when in fullscreen on Linux
  • New and updated translations

Minitube is a free download for Linux and binaries – which simply require one-click to run – are available from the Minitube website @ flavio.tordini.org/minitube

A PPA is also maintained by Ubuntu member Christian Mangold. Just add ‘ppa:neversfelde/minitube’ to your software sources to upgrade or install ‘minitube’ from.

Windows and Mac users are also able to use the application for free, but a "full" version with all of the features unlocked is available for purchase.


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