Some subtle icon changes in Natty

A Humanity Icon theme update in Natty yesterday brought with it a few subtle – and one not-so-subtle – icon changes

The most notable change that landed with the update isn’t actually intentional. The black paper displayed in the trash icon when ready to empty is not the result of Canonical inverting their ink and paper but rather down to a pesky bug (LP #702423; thanks Dan).

trash faux-pas
This bug, along with intended ‘action’ icon tweaks, can be seen in the evolution toolbar too: -

Evolution action icons have had a refresh

Various parts of Ubuntu One have been dipped in their new styling: -

The new Ubuntu One icon in the Unity launcher

One of the new UbuntuOne service icons on show in the Control Panel

You’ll never get your terminals muddled up thanks to colouring differences for ‘root terminal’ and regular bog standard ‘terminal’

Root Vs root: it's all about colour

The ‘file manager’ icon has been updated to look, well, rather like an actual ‘file manager’. Not sold on it personally but there are only so many ways you can symbolise file management.

Nautilus gets formal

Talking of File Managers, Nautilus’ navigation icons look all the better thanks to finer lines:

Nautilus navigation icons have been on a diet


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