Indicator-Network is looking good in Natty

It’s been a while since I last played around with alternative Ubuntu connection manager ‘Indicator-Network’ – but by jove it’s come a long way since!

Originally aimed at being the default network manager for Ubuntu Netbook Edition, the alternative connection manager uses the lightweight Connection Manager (ConnMan) daemon underneath a visually slick Indicator and settings front-end, both designed to make managing your mobile, wired and wireless networks a breeze.

Indicator-Network for Natty, whilst not the default connection manager, has received some spit and polish to its appearance – changes that help bring it closer to fulfilling the originally envisioned specification.


The refreshed Indicator-Network pictured above will be available to install in Ubuntu 11.04. Before deciding to give it a try note that installation of it will remove the ‘default’ network management applet from Ubuntu. And as Indicator-Network is as ‘alpha’ as the rest of the Natty alpha this is worth bearing in mind.
  • sudo apt-get install indicator-network

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