Create desktop launchers for Wine apps easily with WLCreator

Zarko Zivanov dropped by the OMG! Ubuntu! inbox to spread word of a new tool he’s made for easily creating launchers for WINE apps in Ubuntu.

“As I needed an easy way to generate launchers (.desktop files) for Windows programs/games, this weekend a made a small tool for that purpose.  Wine Launcher Creator uses existing tools and wraps them in an easy to use graphical interface. Easy integration in Nautilus (as nautilus script) is also present (and is preferred way of use).”

WLCreator for Linux

The program works as follows: -
  1. Find/extract ico files (using icoutils)
  2. Converts .ico files to .png files (using imagemagick)
  3. Present the user with graphical interface (using PyQt), where he/she can choose the icon for launcher, and, finally…
  4. Create a desktop launcher

The program can also be integrated in Nautilus (as nautilus-script). This makes easy creation of launchers even easier!

You’ll need to ensure you have python-qt4, icoutils, and imagemagick installed to get full use of the application.

Download @ code.google.com/p/wine-launcher-creator/

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