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HostGator allows you to host unlimited blogs and websites for only $7.95 a month. And on top of that you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited diskSpace. So why not start a new blog with your own custom domain where you'll gain more respect and backlinks in the blogosphere?

HostGator is among the top 5 Web Hosting and Blog Hosting Companies in the world and is currently serving over 2,200,000 websites.

My Experience with HostGator

I've been using HostGator for about 7 months now and I absolutely love it! The main reason being is that I can create as many websites and blogs as I wish for the same price of $7.95 every month. That's why I recommend getting the "Baby" plan because you can host unlimted domains with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Hostgator Plans

Name Platform Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domains
Hatchling Linux $4.95 Unlimited Unlimited 1
Baby Linux $7.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Business Linux $12.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Free Coupons for HostGator Blog Hosting!

Right now they are running a coupon which offers a 20% discount on the initial order. Those of you who opt for the yearly billing the coupon code is BEACH. And if you prefer monthly billing your code is hgc25. This code makes the first month bill only $0.01

Great Online Support All the Time

Hostgator offers great online support and they always have someone ready to talk to you if you need help. Just send them an email or give them a call if you need help setting up your blogspot blog or wordpress blog.

User Submitted Reviews:

Hostgator Review By: Michael, London
Site Hosted:http://michaelwillow.com/ IP Address:
It is a good host
I think it is a good host. Comparing with all the other hosts I tried this is the best. Their support is good. Once I messed up my php code and they fixed it, despite that this is not their job. Sometimes they don't give me a clear answer or they confuse me but I think that has to do with the person who is behind the pc as an individual, not with the whole company. In overall the positives are much more than the negatives. It is a trustful company and I recommend it.
Review Added on: 2009-08-11

Hostgator Review By: Xavier Fernandez, London
Site Hosted:http://password-eu.net IP Address:
Great Customer Support
I have used Hostgator for about 3 years now.
The very few times I had to get in touch with them - mainly because I was moving sites from one host to another - they were very helpful. So thumbs up for customer support.
New features are implemented to the Control Panel all the time to keep users updated to the latest option in webhosting.
I think is very good value for money.
Review Added on: 2009-07-22

Hostgator Review By: mrs. bong, indonesia
Site Hosted:http://www.selphiebong.com IP Address: unknown
the best web hosting
Its been 2 years I've been using hostgator, and this is the best web hosting ever.
I've no of websites and I only satisfied with hostgator service, ever. They have the best support too. I just upgraded my plan to business, and continue it for another 3 years. Kudos.
Review Added on: 2009-06-17

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