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Whether you are trying Ubuntu for the first time or you are a long-time Ubuntu power user, you will find below a list of the best Ubuntu resources on the Web. You name it: websites, forums, wikis, blogs and podcasts. There are many Linux resources out there, but in this post, I tried to only include links to resources that are mainly focused on Ubuntu. I’ll update it whenever I discover a new resource, so keep your eye on it! (Image Credit: Fishbowl Collective)


If it has “ubuntu.com” in its URL, it is official!
  • Ubuntu Home Page – the official website of Ubuntu, where you can get the latest official news and download various Ubuntu releases.
  • Ubuntu Documentation – the official documentation developed and maintained by the Ubuntu Documentation Project.
  • Ubuntu Community Docs – the community documentation for Ubuntu, created by Ubuntu users themselves.
  • Ubuntu Forums – a great place to get help on even the most difficult issues. (forums.ubuntu.com redirects to ubuntuforums.org. So, it is official after all!)
  • Ubuntu Mailing Lists – news, announcements, development and community support.
  • Ubuntu IRC – this page contains information about the Ubuntu IRC channels, where you can ask for (and offer) help.
  • Ubuntu Screencasts – the official video screencast website for Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Brainstorm – a website where users can add their ideas and vote for their favorites.
  • Ubuntu Team Wiki – a place for the Ubuntu community to discuss ideas and store team-related information.
  • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter – “Reporting all of this week’s Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu action.
  • Planet Ubuntu – “a window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors.


It certainly doesn’t have to be official to be helpful!
  • Questions for UbuntuLaunchpad‘s Answer Tracker provides a way to build a knowledge-base through community participation.
  • Ubuntu | HowtoForge – one of the best resources for Ubuntu how-to’s and tutorials.
  • Ubuntu Knowledge – this sites aims to be a unified Ubuntu documentation site.
  • Funnestra Ubuntu How-To – a great collection of how-to’s, from initial setup to restoring GRUB.
  • Psychocats Ubuntu Linux Resources – a collection of essential tutorials, how-to’s and links for users starting with Ubuntu.
  • How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu! – an excellent graphical guide for installing applications in Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Guide – a wiki that contains guides on how to do many basic things in Ubuntu (and some other Linux distributions).
  • Full Circle Magazine – the free independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community.
  • Getdeb – provides updates and software that are not yet available on the official Ubuntu repositories.
  • Linux App Finder – a great resource for finding and installing Linux applications. If you like, you can use the filter to only show applications from the Ubuntu repositories.
  • Ubuntu-News.net – a good place for getting daily news about Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Story – a promotional website where you can share your story and tell the world why you use Ubuntu.
  • Buntfu – a community based computer vendor with a focus on Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Resources – a nice collection of easy-to-follow, up-to-date articles and guides. It was created by Michael Godawski, a member of the Beginners Team in the Ubuntu Forums.


These excellent blogs offer great Ubuntu tips and how-to’s. Remember to subscribe to their RSS feeds (don’t know what is RSS? Check my previous post to learn how it can save your life!).

  • Tombuntu – “News, Tips, and How-Tos for Ubuntu Linux” (my favorite!).
  • Ubuntu Unleashed – “Unleashing Ubuntu knowledge for the open source community“.
  • Ubuntu Tutorials – “How to do almost anything on your Ubuntu desktop, laptop or server. Regular tips on installing, configuring and making your Ubuntu system as effective as you need it to be.
  • Ubuntu Geek – “Ubuntu Linux Tips, Howtos & Tutorials“.
  • Ubuntu OS – “A blog and podcast with everything you want from Ubuntu“.
  • Ubuntu Blog – “Not quite everything about Ubuntu, but close.
  • Ubuntu Switch – “A blog about the experiences of a non-techie, linux noob switching to Ubuntu. Anyone can register and post an experience, tip or other Ubuntu-esq piece with the thought of keeping things as non-technical as possible.
  • UbuntuHQ – “Our goal is to collect all Ubuntu related articles in one place. Here you can find recent news issues, application reviews, howto’s and other stories.
  • Works With U – “We're a media company that will track Ubuntu's strengths, weaknesses and ultimate evolution. And we're here to connect Ubuntu experts with novices who are ready to give Ubuntu a try.
  • Ubuntu Linux Help – “Resources, help, how to’s and tutorials for Ubuntu Linux users!
  • The Daily Ubuntu – “The blog for a featured daily Ubuntu application every day.” (though it wasn’t updated since February 23, 2008)
  • Ubuntu OS – “another blog about Ubuntu Linux. Parts 1-8 are for new users, the rest is just a mix of How to's, Guides and general info.
  • Linux and Microcontroller Tips: ubuntu – “tutorials and useful tips for ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Extreme – “the quintessential guide to ubuntu hacks.

It is worth mentioning that Ubuntu Blog created a long list of blogs with Ubuntu-related content (and not only English ones). Free Geekery also created an interesting list of the top 25 Ubuntu blogs (by the numbers).


If you only want to listen to podcats about Ubuntu, check out the following great ones:
  • Ubuntu OS – “the home of the first, and longest running, Ubuntu Podcast!
  • Fresh Ubuntu – “a somewhat weekly account about anything that has to do with Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu UK – “from the newest user to the oldest coder, from the command line to the latest gui.
  • Ubuntu Podcast – “Podcasts and Videocasts brought to you by Georgia and Florida US LoCos.

Do you have other Ubuntu resources? What are you favorite ones?

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