‘Pomodoro’ Indicator Timer for Ubuntu

Indicator-Pomodoro is a small tray-based timer tool designed specifically for use with q.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-article','http://en.wikipedia.org']);" target="_blank">Pomodoro technique.

The small app uses the indicator applet framework to provide a panel-based timer. Menu items for starting, pausing and stopping the count are available via a drop down menu, as is a timer showing the time elapsed since the ‘Start’ button was pressed.

When your 25 minutes have passed a notification bubble will appear informing you to ‘take a break’ – as the technique teaches. Likewise the Pomodoro tray icon will change from a grey tomato into a red envelope until you acknowledge the break.


Currently the indicator has as to be built from source. Download the latest release from the Launchpad homepage @ launchpad.net/pomodoro-indicator and extract. In a terminal use the ‘cd’ command to enter the extracted folder and run: -
  • sudo python setup.py install
to install the indicator system-wide.

As the applet lacks a menu item it has to be run manually using the Terminal/Alt+F2 and entering ‘pomodoro-indicator‘.

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