Drag n’ Drop YouTube Video Uploader for Unity

We’ve featured many Drag and Drop applets for Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher over the past few weeks, but this is the first one to support uploading to YouTube.

The applet is by Tom LeJeune, whose Google+/Picasa image uploader we’ve featured before. Like that applet this one also requires the installation of GoogleCL in order to work.

Download and install

Downloaded the script from ubuntuone.com/p/xAc/ and extract to your Home folder.

Open a new Terminal window and enter the following command: -
  • google youtube list

Enter your Google/YouTube username, hit enter, then authorize the Uploader in the browser window that opens. Once granted return to the Terminal window and hit ‘Enter’.

Now head back to the YouTube folder you extracted to your Home folder. Inside you need to open the ‘YouTube.desktop’ with Gedit (or another text editor) and replace the user name “tlj“on both the “Exec” and “Icon” lines (highlighted in the image below) with your own. In my case this is ‘joey’.

Once done remember to save and close.

All that’s left to do is drag the ‘YouTube’ item (which will now have an icon) over to the Unity launcher. You can now drag and drop a supported format video onto the YouTube icon to begin upload.


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