Using elementary OS (or other Ubuntu derivatives)? Don’t upgrade to Natty!

If you’re a user of an Ubuntu-based distribution such as elementary OS, be sure to check before doing a software update or clicking anything marked “upgrade” – it could break your system!

Elementary OS

A notice posted on elementaryOS.org said the following:

… users of elementary OS Jupiter may be prompted to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04. We strongly urge you not to do so [...] because the upgrade process may render your install unusable.

This advice could apply to many Ubuntu-derivative operating systems such as Linux Mint, so check the website of your chosen distribution before going through the dist-upgrade process.

Why is this an issue?

Natty bought a whole host of new features to the Ubuntu desktop experience, and most likely it’s changes stemming from Unity that will cause issues for distros expecting a fairly clean Gnome 2 setup available.

Issues aside, we reviewed elementary OS Jupiter when it was released a month ago.

Had any issues with the upgrade process? Post in the comments below.


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