Yahoo messenger with wine on Ubuntu

OS: Ubuntu 9.04, 2.6.28-14 kernel
Wine: 1.1.26. Installed along with wine-gecko.

1. Install wine. I used version 1.1.26 but I think older will also do. (You can download from here)

2. Open up a terminal and run the winecfg command. It will set up the wine environment on the current user. Full path is: /home/$username/.wine/drive_c . Press cancel afterwards.

3. Install Macromedia flash player 9. Go to oldversion.com and search for it there. Then install it using wine flash9p.exe

4. Download from here and import the ym9.reg. Change the overrides to "Native then Builtin" and mpr.dll to Builtin. Use regedit import ym9.reg .

5. Copy the dlls to /home/$username/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 folder (list is here). In the list proposed by Patriot there were some folders .. x86_[big name]. I did not use those. Also I got my dlls from XP only.

6. Get the yahoo web installer. I used that because it also installs flash 10, which is also needed. Use wine msgr9us.exe. If the install progress hangs, just press CTRL+C in the terminal and run again the installer.

7. Have fun. If you're a girl, send me a kiss and think about me when you're sleeping Laughing

Waiting for reviews.

Tip: If the flash ads do not load then most probably ym will crash. Reinstall or restart pc (yeah.. i know... Rolling Eyes ).

Patriot wrote:

Q1. How to gain access to main menu ?
A1. Click on the desired ym window and press alt key or if you know the menu shortcut then press alt+menu_shortcut (ex: alt+m in main window).

Q2. I get black bar in main window ?
A2. Alphablending not fully working in wine. Set your contacts to compact list.

Q6. How do I close/minimize the IMwindow ?
A6. The (wine botched) skinning makes the hotzones a little off. Move your mouse a little lower to get the min/max/close button highlighted. Using the taskbar also works.

Working: Buzz, IMVironment, Audibles, Fonts, Smileys, Avatars, Photo Sharing, Archive, Webcam, Calling.

Known Bugs:
- When trying to add a new contact to your list, ym will crash.
- Games require java. Try installing that and see if they work.

Everything else not tested.

Source: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=335770#335770


Anonymous said...

This is no use if u donot explain step 4

Anonymous said...

very bad explain, maybe its for only Ubuntu Experts